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Onsite Physiotherapy 

Injuries sustained in the workplace can result in significant costs, lost time and a decrease in worker productivity. A large percentage of these injuries are body stressing injuries that could be prevented through early identification and management. 

Phix Physio's Onsite Physiotherapy service offers high quality consultation and treatment by an experienced Physiotherapist in the Metro area and Regional Western Australia.

In addition to an excellent standard of care, stakeholder will receive in-depth reporting on an array of metrics. This information can help identify potential workplace hazards, in addition to highlight injury trends. Through this greater insight, stakeholders are better able to make meaningful changes to workplace practices and procedures. 

At Phix Physio we place an emphasis on empowering our patients to become more invested in their health & wellbeing. This is done through individualised exercise programs and self-management strategies. This results in a happier, more productive and robust workforce. 

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